Episode 58: “Restorative Driven Implants Continuum Launch”

After years of planning, it is finally here.  The Dental Guys were asked to help launch an exciting continuum of learning which will give you everything you need to successfully understand, place, restore and implement dental implant treatment into your practice!  In this episode, we will introduce the faculty and the philosophy behind a dental implant curriculum that is truly restoratively driven.  No matter what your experience level with dental implants is now, we can help you take your implant practice to the next level this week on the Dental Guys. 

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Episode 55: I Keep Missing My Blocks!

Dentists deliver more local anesthetic that just about any other health care profession.  Dental anesthetics are better today than they've ever been and yet we are still struggling to be predictable in our blocks.  Jon and Wes debunk some of the myths about anesthetic technique and shed some light into what you can do to increase your success.  We discuss some tips and products that may help you overcome the dreaded lower molar with irreversible pulpitis!  Hurry up and get numb- we’ve got work to do!



Episode 54: I’m not Impressed With Your Impressions

Dentistry as a whole is struggling with producing quality impressions…but just how bad is it?  A recent JADA article answers that question and we take a stab at some possible fixes.  Also, an endo article we stumbled upon a couple of months ago ends up being a real revelation as to how long we can really wait before putting crowns on endodontically treated teeth before failure rates go up.  How important is coronal seal?  Finally, we talk about how digital impressioning changed our retraction techniques and product recommendations.


ADA Impression Eval 2017
ADA Impression Quality 2017
Pratt J Endod 2016 PMID



Episode 53: Practice Changers 2017- Occlusion, TMD, and Sleep Medicine

Over the last year, we changed the way we look at wear and occlusal problems through a better understanding of how occlusion really works and how sleep problems may be causing some of our TMD patients to get worse!  We also learned about the most predictable ways to restore patients with challenging occlusal problems and it transformed the way we treatment plan- again!  Join us as we recap our journey over the last year as we continue to try to take it to the next level!



Episode 52: “Too Many Overdenture Options, Too Little Time- an Interview with Darin Dichter”

Episode 52: “Too Many Overdenture Options, Too Little Time- an Interview with Darin Dichter”

Darin Dichter from Spear Education joins us again this week to continue our conversation on full arch implant restorative options.  We dive directly into what options Darin prefers for removable and fixed situations, discuss how to decide on overdenture or fixed restoration, and also discuss which materials should be used against each other to minimize long-term complications.  It’s time to get your verification jigs and monomer out, folks!

Episode 51: “Wal-Mart in a Bottle: How to Choose a Bonding System”

Can one bottle do it all?  Is there really a one stop shop in bonding agents?  Is total etch dead?  In this episode, we tackle one of the toughest questions in dentistry- how do you choose a bonding system?  And maybe even more important-can you eliminate post-operative sensitivity in your bonding?  We will condense 30 years of bonding research into 30 minutes to help you make the best decision for your patients.  It’s all happening right here, right now on The Dental Guys.