Episode 45: "VPS is Dead" - with Sameer Puri

The Dental Guys get a chance this week to interview someone quite interesting: Dr. Sameer Puri, one of the founders of cerecdoctors.com as well as an educator at Spear Education. We got to record this one in the Spear studio and really got to know what makes Sameer excited about CEREC!  We talk about what CEREC can and can’t do, how it compares to the lab, and why he feels that CEREC is more than just a business decision but instead a passion that he wants to share with fellow doctors.  He challenged us to think differently about how we make technology decisions in our practices and also how chairside milling could change the way you do dentistry.

We asked him to make us believers in CEREC, and you’ll have to listen to see what came of that!